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Student Council Election Results [Mar. 13th, 2007|10:08 pm]
[Current Mood |surprisedsurprised]











FOR CAS-CHAIR                                     PARTY                                   VOTES

Go, Jan Robert                                            ISA                                          585

Torrente, Warriane Kristel                            A-K                                         313



Rivera, Justin                                                 ISA                                          345

Tenorio, Jose Ignacio                               A-K                                         461



Costales, Jan-Michael                                  IND                                          281

Cruzat, Daphne Viel                                  IND                                         310

Del Rosario, Alexis Ira                               A-K                                         405

Guico, Earl                                                   ISA                                          514

Nesas, Yvette Katrina                                A-K                                         433

Rodriguez, Mark Timothy                             IND                                          102

Salazar, Lawrence Charles                           ISA                                          309

Tambaoan, Jemelle                                      A-K                                         292


FOR CAS 2nd Yr Rep

Binuya, Camille                                             A-K                                         92

Macapagal, Juvy Rose                             ISA                                          144


FOR CAS 3rd Yr Rep

Labayen, Juan Fidel                                      ISA                                          71

Nievera, Marie Madeleine                         A-K                                         129


FOR CAS 4th Yr Rep

Ricafrente, Anna                                           A-K                                         188

**soshal, number one ako! haha. Yey.

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VOICES NA!! [Nov. 23rd, 2006|11:27 am]
[Current Mood |blankexcitement + anger = blank.]
[Current Music |MICHAEL BUBLE- Home]

DECEMBER 2, 2006 (not Dec. 3)
UP Main Theater
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Yehey! I'm back in Manila [Nov. 2nd, 2006|01:18 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticLet's get it on!]
[Current Music |APO HIKING SOCIETY- Panalangin]

YES! I'm back in Manila! back in Manila from Baguio not from other country or wherever. Hehe

Anyway, the Annual Convention went okay. I know, I nailed my speaking in the Public Speaking workshop. I see it in the eyes and the comments of the delegates. (Ganun talaga pag inspired!). Thanks to him for having this surprise visit and a date. Kalowka ka talaga! Super pinasaya mo ako!

Si Louie at Patrick din, two of the most important people in my life, dumating din. I miss my 2k3 president and superclose friend and Patrick, the bestfriend! Promise Pat, I'll minimize smopking the way you want it to be.

Anyway, just checked my grades online! Ang taas ko ever! Unexpected ah! Umuulan ng uno! Hahahaah. Kalurkei. Ganun kasi talaga pag inspired. At dahil diyan, Mom bought me a 2GB USB! Leveling ah! akalain mong alam pala ni Mom ang USB, joke Mom! Alam ko namang may friendster at blog account ka. HaHAHA...

I miss AA... I miss UP friends... I miss my family...

Susunod! Ekslusibo! (in Boy Abunda's way of sayiong it):
1. Voices meeting bukas, 3pm, KFC Matalino.
2. Lola and Ninang's arrival from US. Yehey! This means pasalubong!
3. Enrolment on November 8 (Kickback ito!)
4. Galera outing with Franco and others on Nov 12-14. (di pa ako makapagbanggit ng name, kami palang dalawa ang sure!)
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Chill! [Oct. 23rd, 2006|03:08 pm]
[Current Mood |energeticEnergy! Energy!]
[Current Music |JOE - No One Else Comes Close]

My sem's over and I'm also praying for good grades (like Charlz). I know we'll get good grades dearie. I'll die on the spot if I get grade that I don't expect so to my dear professors, be careful and be objective! Hahaha.. My superiority strikes again.

Anyway, the Annual CMLI convention's coming and I'm so excited to go up, not because of the secretariat, but for the experience I'll be getting from it. I'm so excited because I'll be speaking for the PUBLIC SPEAKING workshop. I prepared a lot for it, and I'll make sure that very registered delegate will go ga-ga over public speaking. I prepared a lot of speech exercises and GD's for them! This is it!

And, and, and! Breaking news for the inactive AA's, CMLI secretariat's implementing this cost cutting shit and as a result, AA people will not be eating the foods served in mess hall. Ano ang kakainin namin? Chicken Mcdo, Chowking, at kung anu ano pang makitang fastfood chain sa Baguio. Kalurkei!
Okay lang, food's not a problem. Yochie nalang! Hahaha

Next topic, usapang puso. Nyeta! Bat ang hirap magmove on?? Siguro ganun talaga pag first mo, mahal mo talaga. Haay... Bahala na si batman talaga.

Sembreak plans:
1. Annual Convention! (yehey!)
2. Voices meeting for the finals
3. Puerto Galera Sembreak Outing!
4. MOve on... Move on... Good luck talaga saken.
5. Magpaganda dahil ayon sa hula, sa February 2007 dadating ang tunay na 'jugs'
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woohooh! [Oct. 18th, 2006|08:30 am]
[Current Mood |happyhappY! (eto totoo na talaga!)]
[Current Music |"huwag kang bibitiw bigla, huwag kang bibitaw bigla-huh!"]

Mas maganda kung talagang magkaibigan nalang kami...

Mas masaya, walang gulo, at sobrang worth it!

Umayos narin ang lahat...

Pare pareho naming napagtanto ang kanya kanyang katangahan, kanya kanyang kamartiran, at kung anu ano pa...

Hindi totoo ang mga sabi sabi na ang dalawang taong naghiwalay sa isang relasyon ay hindi na magiging magkaibigan...

Kasi kami, eto, magkaibigan at matibay parin ang samahan...

Talagang hindi lang kami para sa isat isa...

Salamat narin at hindi siya nawala at naglaho, kasi kahit gaano pa kabigat at kalala ang sakit na naibigay namin sa isat isa, hindi natin puwedeng ikaila na mahal namin ang isat isa, kahit sa pagkakaibigan lang...

Yehey! Let's go friend, at hanapin ang tunay na 'jugs'!

*date to remember: FEBRUARY 2007. Ayon sa hula sa akin, dito daw dadating ang tao para sa akin. This is it!
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YEHEY! [Oct. 15th, 2006|11:50 am]
[Current Mood |bouncyhappy and pretending..]

I'm spent 3 hours checking and reading the uploaded files for my Anthro exam...

Readings consist of reports done in class and the lectures of my professor...

During my last 20 minutes in the computer shop, my Anthro prof went online...

Guess what?! I'M EXEMPTED!

Haha... wtf! Sana hindi na ako nagreview at nag-DOTA nalang sana ako...

Ako magdo-DOTA???


* I'm semi-okay na. I really have to set that person free, try kong mahalin sarili ko.

If you love someone, set that person free; if he comes back, it's meant to be.

Goodluck sa kanya!
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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2006|08:47 am]
[Current Mood |depressedlost for words...]
[Current Music |NINA- I Love You Goodbye]

Time really runs so fast...

It's unfair...

How could someone decide on something in just a nick of time?

I can't find words to describe the depression I'm feeling

I'm sad...

It's over...

But I know, someday, someone's gonna come back.

How could that person do this to me?

I'm breaking down...
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Yehey! It's my day! [Oct. 9th, 2006|03:59 am]
[Current Mood |contentcontented and happy]
[Current Music |Sometimes Love JUst Ain't Enough]


Yehey! Despite the acad toxicity and all, finally got I got a day of rest! It's not actually a rest because I had an exam from 4-7pm, but it's my birthday so it gave me ENERGY! ENERGY ito!

And I'm happy, SOMEONE threw a surprise party for me. I was shocked, I thought we're only going to church and all, but I was surprised when my UP barkada were in "that person's" pad (third person!)We partied the night away! Woohooh! Everything's filled with so much love, and friendship that night! Na-hotseat tuloy kami! Nyehe.

Bottomline, that SOMEONE rocks! I am really thankful that that person came into my life.

Sana andun yung mga CM friends kaya lang short-notice na kasi late na yata nilang pinlano. Oh well. May next year pa, sana andun pa kami sa level na ganito next year. It's in God's hands. Yey!

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... [Sep. 11th, 2006|10:04 pm]
[Current Mood |blankang comlicated pala ng ganito.]

Banahaw field trip's so satisfying, so refreshing, and so tiring! Sobrang worth it ha!

For our pics, check http://ecnarfeiram.multiply.com

Anyway, i'm in this complicated, yet happy and seventh-heaven situation. Let's just pray everything will fall into place! someday, someone will fall. shet. sana this is it na! Antagal ko ng inantay to! For people who are aware of the story, PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY COMMENT HERE!

please! posting something is tantamount to death of our friendship... i mean it!

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Keys Me! [Aug. 22nd, 2006|09:03 pm]
[Current Mood |pissed offCan I die now?]
[Current Music |BRITNEY SPEARS- Toxic]

whew! it's been a month since I last updated this blog site. Haha! And now, I'm just updating it for the sake of updating, nothing more than that. Schedule's really tight and it's killing me! Hehe... I predict that I'll be able to make a quality blog entry on April of 2007, end of junior year! However, it's subject to change. Hehe...

Anyway, to make this entry appear like it's full of sense, I'm posting Alyssa Alano's Keys Me lyrics. Juices ko! What a disgrace talaga tong kantang to, especially to communication majors like me! Kamusta ang diction mo ate! When this was sent to me, I thought it was a virus! Panalo! Here you go guys, enjoy! At ipagdasal niyo rin na sana kayanin natin ang toxic na acads kasabay ng pagdadasal na sana dumiretso ang dila ni Alyssa Alano. Hehe. She has a new single pala, it's CRASH (from Jennifer Paige's Crush). Makahanap nga ng lyrics nun.

Keys Me 
by Alyssa Alano

keys me
beat in the verdict
valeey... nightlee...
v-side the green green grass
swing swing
swing the spinny stef
you vur the shoes
and i will wear the dress
keys me
v-neat d milke twalay
leeeep me
al-out the moonlit floor
leaf your open hand
strike entebend
end make d parflays dance
is barkley
so keys me...

keys me...
down by-da flowcan
3 how...
twin vee
of funne hungee
bring bring
bring yo flower head
will take dachay
make on you father's melt
keys me
v-neat the milke twalay
tixt me
al-out the moonlit floor
leaf your open hand
strike entebend
end make d parflays dance
is barkley
so keys me...

keys me
v-neat the milke twalay
leeeeeep me
al-out the moonlit floor
leaf your open hand
strike entebend
end make d parflays dance
is barkley
so keys me...

so keys me...

so keys me...

so keys me...

I'm sure kinanta mo... Pero wag ka sanang ma-LSS, masisira ang pagkatao mo. Worst, baka mahipan ka ng masamang hangin at maging ganyan ka magsalita forever. 

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